Carpe Diem.The office...reinvented

9 000 m²
available on high-rise storeys
with panoramic views
Efficient, agile
spaces with 3 m ceilings, above raised flooring
An attractive,
flexible new business centre,
managed by a renowned expert
La Défense,
Europe’s top business district

Carpe Diem,a space for living,where you can flourish

A brand new operator
delivering a fully recalibrated service
offering with wellness at its heart
Fitness suite
overlooking La Défense
Click & Collect
and exclusive Wellness space
La Défense,
a new lifestyle destination
with inspiring spaces

Carpe Diem,Momentsto savour

for exclusive business lunches
Lively bar
with unbeatable views
Bespoke dining options
with a range of ambiences
La Défense,
for varied, trendy dining

Carpe Diem,Naturewithin

An energising
organic cafe
within a unique indoor garden
450 m² of landscaped terraces
with outstanding views
Compliance with CSR directives
and certifications
La Défense,
the city park of the future; a 5 ha space
that’s perfect for slow mobility